Natural Building Colloquium 2007: Kerrville, Texas

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October 19-28, 2007

Quiet Valley Ranch in Kerrville, Texas


In the tradition of Natural Building events, there is always a way for folks with fewer cash resources to participate.  The idea is that those people with more time than money can exchange their labor for reduced admission.  These prospects come in two forms:

  1. Work Weekends: Each of our projects requires a certain amount of preparation: building foundations, gathering materials etc.   We will schedule volunteer opportunities every weekend a full month in advance of the colloquium.  Each person who takes part in a work weekend will receive an hourly credit toward reducing the cost of their ticket.  If you are a real go-getter with no cash at all but lots of time, we’ll be hosting work-weeks as well.  These are all excellent ways to get hands on experience with the foundation preparation portions of the building process. 

  2. Colloquium Staff: We need happy people to help us run the event.  Example jobs include: working in the kitchen with JimO, gopherhing, tech support for lectures, making rounds for recycling etc.  You will be expected to make a daily time commitment for the duration of the event in exchange for a significantly reduced admission.

  3. Teen Scholarship: We are pleased to announce this scholarship program, which will enable two teenagers, aged 14-19, to attend the first Natural Building Colloquium to be held in Kerrville, Texas.
    Each teenager will actively participate in hands on work and learn about a variety of natural building techniques including straw bale, cordwood, light straw, cob and timber framing. Additionally, each evening they will attend presentations from builders around the country and learn about successful building projects, techniques and issues in natural building.
    Each participating teen will also be asked to develop a plan for bringing this experience and information back to their community so that the word can continue to spread.

    These scholarships are being funded by songwriter/activist Kathy Moser, through the sale of two songs 'Straw, Clay, Wood and Stone" and "Someone Like You" which are both available for download purchase through Additional donations are welcome, please make checks out to Design~Duild~Live and put Teen Scholarship in the memo line. Design~Build~Live is a 501©3 organization and all donations are tax deductible.
    You can see photos of past building colloquiums and lots of info about natural building at www. Please feel free to pass this info on to anyone else you think would be interested, and please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the program. Teens! download the scholarship application here.

If you are interested in either (or all) of these opportunities please email us ; be sure to include a note about any specific skills or previous experience you might have.   Thank you.

We’ll update everyone by posting more specifics on this web site as as soon as they become available.

We look forward to working with you!