Natural Building Colloquium 2007: Kerrville, Texas

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Presentations, Programs, Projects

Scheduled slideshows and lectures will cover:

Construction systems
strawbale, earthbag, cob, roundwood framing, compressed earth block, adobe, Light-Clay-Straw, earthen plasters, rainwater harvesting

Philosophy and inspiration
Building with what is local and unmanufatured, living on a small planet, social justice in building, access to resources, embodied energy, carbon-footprint reduction, material life cycles

Project planning
permaculture design, building orientation, design, when to work with licensed professional, building codes

Owner-Builder Forum
informal small group sessions lead by experienced builders to specifically address needs, concerns and questions for owner-builders. Lots of question and answer time. If you have them, bring your floor plan sketches and soil samples.

... and participant-directed offerings
during weekdays there is time reserved for panel discussions, mosaic slideshows, etc.


Hands-on Natural Building Projects

In choosing projects we used the following criteria:

  1. serve as tools for educating and encouraging participation among experienced and entry level builders;
  2. visibility: project should showcase natural building to the thousands of public patrons that come to the Folk Festival every year;
  3. smaller projects and therefore complete-able by Kerrville's volunteers after colloquium; and
  4. in agreement with Festival's long range vision for their site.

Natural building/construction projects slated for this colloquium

"Mix Master Hut " aka festival entry booth
timberframe with native juniper (cedar) and salvaged materials, cob, Compressed earthblock, earthbag, earthen and lime plasters

Chapel Hill
Ceremony stage by Sun Ray - roundwood timberframe with Live Oak, Juniper and a living roof.  
Sponsor(s): Vic Heyman

Staff Central  (strawbale)  Office Project
200-300 square foot strawbale  and Light-Clay-Straw  
   sponsored by Dr. Singha's Natural Therapeutics, Inc.

Kidsville Sandbox Sculptural Enclosure
Cob with living roof

Earthen Oven and Pizza Prep area
Cob oven with Kiko Denzer

smaller projects:
several demonstration composting toilets of various scales, bamboo privacy screen, recycling stations