Natural Building Colloquium 2007: Kerrville, Texas

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About the organizers for this Texas event

Who are we and why do we devote so many countless volunteer hours to organizing this event?

Our goal is to change the world, of course. We have all found something in Natural Building that moved us in a very profound way. In all this bad news about the planet, the climate and our behavior as humans, Natural Building is one of the few truly positive movements towards living sustainably.

The roots of our group come from Design~Build~Live, the non-profit organization that began informally 15 years ago as the Austin Sustainable Building Coalition. Organization for the Texas Colloquium gained momentum in the fall of 2006 when Kindra and Frank, in the company of many supporters, publicly declared "their butts on the line" as co-chairs. At the same meeting we set up several committees to keep track of important details. This is how it looks today…

Frank Meyer,
Kindra Welch,

Steering Committee
Jeanine and Bill Christensen,
Gretchen Janzow, singer-songwriter and eco-realtor
Teri Finch-Koinuma, Mom and educator
Ken McKenzie-Grant, arborist and Radio host
Sara Schmidt, Natural Builder

Food/Site Committee
Effie Brunson, interior designer
Gayle Borst,
Lisa Nutt, Austin Green Building Program

Norm Ballinger, songwriter-builder
Kindra & Frank

Accounting and Registration
Frieda Falk Rinehart

Jeanine and Bill (web site, listserv, hosting)


Speakers and Schedule
Sara, Kindra, Frank

Kerrville Folk Festival/Quite Valley Ranch Contacts
Dalis, Kerrville Folk Festival Director
Rick Wright, Quite Valley Ranch Facilities Coordinator

For the really mind-boggling questions, we also have a geographically diverse advisory committee connected by e-mail. This group includes….

David Eisenberg, Matts Myhrman and Judy Knox, Mary Golden, Catherine Wanek, Penny Livingston Stark

Disclosure about who stands to benefit financially…

The Texas Colloquium is an event sponsored by Design~Build~Live, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization located in Austin, Texas.

90% of the hours put towards this event are volunteered.

Several of us who plan to put really significant hours and resources toward leading site preparation in the full on Texas heat and data entry for registration etc. are getting some compensation, though not the full value of our time.

All finances will be kept and accounted for by DBL.